What You Should Be Watching: Gaki No Tsukai!

This Japanese show is really unlike anything we have in the western world. The program is presented by five Japanese comedians who pretty much destroy themselves to entertain the viewer. The most famous segment that has been widely viewed on You Tube is the chinko machine:

But the most brilliantly funny are the No Laughing games. Once a year the five go to a place for 24 hours where they are to be trained for a certain profession. Reporter, nurse, spy and policemen just to name a couple. When they are there they cannot laugh, if they do they are punished, mostly with a hard smack on their ass. A lot of Japanese celebrities star in these all to make the cast laugh. Here is an example:

If you want to see more, this fansite has a lot of links to subbed pieces of Gaki No Tsukai and other, similar Japanese shows:



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