What Happened? The Original Power Rangers

Sometimes I look at a re-run of a show that I haven’t seen in forever and then I wonder… What happened to those actors? Where are they now? Do they still act? Or maybe they just have normal jobs now. One of those shows is The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The first five actors to play the rangers remained the same in the first two seasons (1993-1995). Let’s see what they’re doing now:

The Red Ranger: Austin St. John

His character was Jason Lee Scott, a martial artist.

But where is he now?

His last acting job was in 2002 in the TV program Power Rangers: Wild Force as, that’s right, the red power ranger. Now he’s an emergeny medical technician and firefighter in Washington D.C.

He went from saving people on the screen to saving people in real life. If he’s ever saving someone and they recognise him, they’ll probably think they’re going crazy.

The Yellow Ranger: Thuy Trang

The other Ranger with martial arts prowess, Trini Kwan.

But where is she now?

Unfortunatly Thuy Trang died in a car crash on September 3, 2001.

The Black Ranger: Walter Emanuel Jones

Zack Taylor was the party man of the five rangers. He danced a lot,  even when he was fighting.

Sorry for the crappy quality

But where is he now?

He still acts! Jep, Walter plays small rolls in tv-shows and movies. He had a cameo in The Fast & The Furious 3 and appeared in episodes of The Shield. He is also a voice actor in the great game; Red Dead Redemption. He currently has one project in the works, it’s a movie called Man Without a Head. The description on IMDb is: A dancer looks to have a child before turning into God. Well, looks like he’s gonna dance again.

The Pink Ranger: Amy Jo Johnson

Playing the athletic of the bunch, Kimberly Ann Hart.

But where is she now?

She also still acts. In the series Falshpoint she played the lead and was even nominated for a Gemini award for best performance in a continuing leading role. The show ended this year but she already has a movie role in Tiger Eyes.

The Blue Ranger: David Yost

Every gang has a nerd, he was it. The name of the character was Billy Cranston.

But where is he now?

After the rangers ended for him he tried to get rid of his homosexuality by going into therapy for two years. This failed and he had a nervous breakdown. Now he has accepted his sexuality and is back in the business. Acting is no longer his main role. He is more of a producer and a location manager.


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