Challenge Update #1-1: Coolest Character

If you went to my Current Challenge page you’ll know that I have finished the first ten movies on the list. I’m not going to review them or decide wich one is the better movie, no. These are horror movies and I’m going to rate things that matter in horror films. Namely: Best death scene, coolest character, scariest antagonist and best quote. So keep in mind that this post is definitely not spoiler free. The movies are; Dracula, The Evil Dead, Carrie, King Kong, Re-Animator, Halloween, Alien, Black Christmas, Freaks and Nosferatu. Let’s start with…

Coolest Character

Dracula – Van Helsing

The original vampire slayer, Dr. Van Helsing. When he discovers that Dracula is vampire does he panic? No, he challenges him by showing him a mirror. And let’s face it, he doesn’t have a lot of competition. Van Helsing is definitely the coolest.

The Evil Dead – Ash

Well? What did you expect? Not only is Ash the coolest character in this movie, but he is probably one of the coolest characters of all time. This is the first one, however, and Ash isn’t quite the Ash with the boomstick yet. Still… Pretty awesome.

Carrie – Carrie White

Most of the characters in this movie are so unlikable that you just want to punch them in the face or kick them in the groin. Luckily we have Carrie White, the psychic pubescent teen. Sure she goes absolutely mental at the end and for the rest she doesn’t say much but still… The way she goes crazy is pretty awesome.

King Kong – Kong

It’s a giant monkey, it doesn’t get much cooler than that. Want more reasons? He kills a T-Rex and uses people as toothpicks. I rest my case.

Re-Animator – Herbert West

He may appear a little strange but don’t worry, he is perfectly normal. Resurrecting things is just a hobby! Seriously though, this guy is so nice that he will revive your favorite pet after it got it’s head stuck in a jar and suffocated.

Halloween – Dr. Samuel Loomis

He’s a doctor, but thet’s just a job on the side. If you ask me he’s a bit of a superhero mixed with a little child. Example of the hero: he saves the girl at the end. Example of the little child: he scares the crap out of some trick or treating children.

Alien – Ripley

Just like Ash, what did you expect? Ripley remains cool and collected through most of the movie while the other crew members go bananas or break down. Another thing about her is that she’s smart and badass, not just another scream queen.

Black Christmas – Lt. Fuller

Well, I haven’t a lot to say except that he is the only character in this movie that I find remotely “cool”. He knows what fellatio means and he carries a gun. That’s it.

Freaks – Phroso

The nicest and funniest guy in the movie. He is the clown in the circus and he often practises his tricks by his trailer. One of them involves a big suit and a hammer. Another one a bathtub without bottom with wheels. And to top it all of he makes it with the prettiest girl in the circus, who says girls aren’t attracted to a man with a sense of humor?

Nosferatu – First Mate

Definitely not his most flattering pose but the only one I could find. This guy does the most courageous thing in the movie; after the entire crew, except him and the captain, have been killed by an unknown entity below deck he goes to check it out, axe in hand. Sure, he jumps of the ship but that was only after he witnessed the creepiest scene in the entire movie!

But who is the coolest of them all?

 In the end it came down to Ash and Ripley. Both Ash and Ripley live on and become tougher and more awesome in their sequels. But who is the coolest in the first movies? Ash has to kill his zombie friends and pretty much loses it. Ripley loses her friends one by one and ends up killing the alien in her underwear. The key here is that Ash loses it, That gives Ripley the edge. Ripley wins.

Coolest of them all: Ellen Ripley

Tomorrow I’ll look for the scariest antagonist!


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