Challenge Update #1-2: Scariest Antagonist

My next search is for the scariest of them all… Muahahahaha! We’ve got quite the assortment here today; vampires, lunatics, aliens and so much more. Everyone will find something they like! (Again, spoiler alert!)

Scariest antagonist

Dracula – Dracula

The most famous vampire of them all, sadly he’s not scary at all. But that has everything to do with the age of the movie. Times have changed and Bela’s Dracula just doesn’t work anymore. Lit eyes and funny hand gestures aren’t enough to scare people that were born after the fifties. We never even see his teeth… And that’s the scariest thing about a vampire!

The Evil Dead – Deadites

Look at that face, imagine one of your best friends turning into that! No eyes, blood gushing from the mouth and a gravely voice coming out of her throat screaming “Join us, join us!”. I wouldn’t hang around, that’s for sure.

Carrie – Carrie White

She doesn’t look as nice when she’s covered in pig’s blood right? Everything was fine until she was crowned prom queen and a bucket of blood fell down. Her eyes wide open and her mental powers on full automatic she starts closing the doors and mix water with electricity and that’s NOT a good combination (poor Cheswick). She goes on and blows up a car and ends up killing her mother. Probably not the best prom ever.

King Kong – Kong

You could say that the antagonist in King Kong is probably mankind, but I’m looking at this from mankind’s perspective. So, Kong it is. Having a giant primate walking around your town will probably make you pack your backs and get out as fast as you can (except if it’s Optimus Prime). When an animal is afraid, and Kong was definitely afraid, they go wild and start to rampage. A lot of people could die and he is probably the most dangerous one on this list. But the scariest? I don’t think so, he’s to damn cuddly!

Re-Animator – Dr. Carl Hill

The resident asshole and pervert at the medical college. After he tries to steal Herbert West’s notes and experiments he gets his head chopped of… only to return as a re-animated corpse. He goes on to create an army of undead soldiers but the worst thing he does is give head (get it?) to the hero’s girl. It’s the worst thing because it’s just wrong on so many  levels.

Halloween – Michael Myers

A real lunatic who will stop at nothing to kill sexy teenagers. The creepy white mask, overall and kitchen knife make for one creepy villain. The way he stalks his victims (appearing so we can see him, but the victim not) is very effective in scaring the crap out of people. Another thing that contributes to his creepiness is his silence and the cool, collective way he kills people. Without emotion.

Alien – The Alien

What starts out as a cute little chestburster ends up as one of the most terrifying things mankind can encounter; an indestructible alien who uses us for reproducing. It hunts like a lion would, it stalks it victims and strikes when they are separated from their pack. Trust me, you don’t want to end up on this guy’s (girl’s?) wall.

Black Christmas – Creepy Stalker Dude

Nobody knows what he looks like or why he stalks the girls at the sorortiy house but that just makes him creepier. That and the fact that he calls them while he’s in the house. The calls themselves aren’t that scary, mostly they made me laugh or roll my eyes, but the kills are pretty sweet and make him a good contendor for the scariest antagonist.

Freaks – The Freaks

The villains in this movie are actually Cleopatra and Hercules but they don’t do any killing or are scary at all, so I chose the freaks. Throughout the movie they don’t do a whole lot but at the end they all grab a knife and hunt the two baddies. Even the guy with no arms or legs grabs a knife and starts wiggling after them.

Nosferatu – Count Orlok

Based on the same character as Dracula but instead of the charismatic count we get a creepy, bald version. Definitly more scary than Dracula and it holds up surprisingly well, even 90 years later. The use of shadows and the excellent performance by Max Shreck make this a pretty scary movie.

But who is the scariest of them all?

 This is for me personally but I can’t stand Michael Myers. Is it the silence or his appearance? I don’t know, I just know that I feel really uneasy while watching Halloween.

Scariest of them all: Michael Myers

Tomorrow I’ll look for the best death scene!



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2 responses to “Challenge Update #1-2: Scariest Antagonist

  1. The Deadites for me all the way! I still get butterflies in the pit of my stomach as the car (the legend) drives up to the cabin in the woods at the beginning of the film.

    I remember watching Eerie Indianna when I was a kid and in the title sequence I think it has the clip Count Orlok’s shadow moving up a staircase and that alone used to scare the bejeezus outta me.

    • The deadites are no joke, that’s for sure. I think it matters a lot at what age you saw the movie. I saw Halloween for the first time when I was about ten, I only saw The Evil Dead for the first time three years ago. If ten year old me would see The Evil Dead he would probably crap his pants.

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