Challenge Update #1-3: Best Death Scene

A major part in horror movies is of course death and how the people die. It can be funny, over the top, gruesome or ridiculous. The first ten movies on the Top 500 Horror Movies list have a few good ones, I’ll try to uncover the best of them all! (Again, spoiler alert!)

Best Death Scene

Dracula – Dracula

Dracula, moments before his demise

This death occurs off-screen. The only indication that he’s dead is a moan, so it’s nothing special right? Wrong! The stake to the heart is a classic and everyone knows it. This is the movie that did it first but definitely not last.

The Evil Dead – Shelly

Surprisingly, for all the blood and gore, there aren’t a lot of kills in The Evil Dead so I didn’t have much choice. I decided on Shelly who, after she’s possessed, gets hacked into pieces by her boyfriend. The hacking itself isn’t shown but we do see the blood splashing on Ash and Scotty (the boyfriend).

Carrie – Mom

This death was more than satisfactory, I wanted this character to die after her first scene, and the death is great. Early in the movie we see Carrie praying to a statue of Jesus that is pierced with needles or something. When mommy’s time has finally come Carrie flings knives in her mother in the exact places as the needles in Jesus.

King Kong – Kong

Who doesn’t know that Kong climbed to the top of the empire state building only to fall to his death after being shot by tiny (for him) airplanes? Not many, I’ll tell you that. It’s iconic and also sad. That’s what makes this a great death.

Re-Animator – Melvin the Re-Animated

Bone saw is ready

He just came back to life and immediately gets killed again by his resurrector. That is the tragic tale of Melvin the Re-Animated. As he strangling Dan, Herbert West approaches from the back, electric bone saw (or whatever) in hand. Herbert proceeds by pushing the bone saw all the way through Melvin’s body. Ending it once again.

Halloween – Lynda

This isn’t about how she was killed but more the circumstances and what leads up to it. Michael appears before her disguised with a blanket and glasses. The glasses are from Lynda’s boyfriend so she naturally assumes it’s him. Michael remains silent and Lynda grows uneasy and starts calling Laurie. Laurie answers but only hears moaning and heavy breathing. She thinks it’s a joke but at the other end of the line Lynda’s being choked to death with the telephone wire. Thank god for cell phones.

Alien – Kane

He’d be a lot happier with a belly full of meat

For those of you who don’t remember this is the guy that had an abrupt c-section when the little alien wanted to come out, killing him in the process. This kill has it all; shock value, gore and it’s scary just thinking about it.

Black Christmas – Mrs. Mac

Booze isn’t the only thing she’s hooked on…

Looking for a cat in horror movies is never a good idea. When this booze hound heard the cat meowing from the attic she couldn’t help herself and had to go look. When she opened the trap door and saw the body of a missing girl she didn’t go down, no. She turned around in slow motion to see what else was in the attic. Lo’ and behold; it’s the killer with a hook in his hand! The hook comes flying in her neck and pulls her upward. She never found the cat…

Freaks – Hercules

Hercules got what he deserved when the Freaks started carving him up real nice. Too bad we never see or hear anything.

Nosferatu – The Captain

The captain never abandons ship! Not even when he’s the only one left and a creepy vampire is approaching him. To make sure that the ship reaches it’s destination the captain ties himself to the steering wheel and waits for Nosferatu to strike. When the ship reaches the dock he is found, still holding the steering wheel, but totally lifeless.

But which is the best of them all?

 Carrie, King Kong and Alien are my favorites for this round. I’ll take Carrie out of the race because the other two are more well known and iconic. The chestburster is awesome but Kong’s is touching. This isn’t an easy decision but I’m going for the big ape; Kong.

Best Death Scene: Kong

Tomorrow I’ll look for the best quote!


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