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What Happened? The Original Power Rangers

Sometimes I look at a re-run of a show that I haven’t seen in forever and then I wonder… What happened to those actors? Where are they now? Do they still act? Or maybe they just have normal jobs now. One of those shows is The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The first five actors to play the rangers remained the same in the first two seasons (1993-1995). Let’s see what they’re doing now:

The Red Ranger: Austin St. John

His character was Jason Lee Scott, a martial artist.

But where is he now?

His last acting job was in 2002 in the TV program Power Rangers: Wild Force as, that’s right, the red power ranger. Now he’s an emergeny medical technician and firefighter in Washington D.C.

He went from saving people on the screen to saving people in real life. If he’s ever saving someone and they recognise him, they’ll probably think they’re going crazy.

The Yellow Ranger: Thuy Trang

The other Ranger with martial arts prowess, Trini Kwan.

But where is she now?

Unfortunatly Thuy Trang died in a car crash on September 3, 2001.

The Black Ranger: Walter Emanuel Jones

Zack Taylor was the party man of the five rangers. He danced a lot,  even when he was fighting.

Sorry for the crappy quality

But where is he now?

He still acts! Jep, Walter plays small rolls in tv-shows and movies. He had a cameo in The Fast & The Furious 3 and appeared in episodes of The Shield. He is also a voice actor in the great game; Red Dead Redemption. He currently has one project in the works, it’s a movie called Man Without a Head. The description on IMDb is: A dancer looks to have a child before turning into God. Well, looks like he’s gonna dance again.

The Pink Ranger: Amy Jo Johnson

Playing the athletic of the bunch, Kimberly Ann Hart.

But where is she now?

She also still acts. In the series Falshpoint she played the lead and was even nominated for a Gemini award for best performance in a continuing leading role. The show ended this year but she already has a movie role in Tiger Eyes.

The Blue Ranger: David Yost

Every gang has a nerd, he was it. The name of the character was Billy Cranston.

But where is he now?

After the rangers ended for him he tried to get rid of his homosexuality by going into therapy for two years. This failed and he had a nervous breakdown. Now he has accepted his sexuality and is back in the business. Acting is no longer his main role. He is more of a producer and a location manager.


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What You Should Be Watching: Gaki No Tsukai!

This Japanese show is really unlike anything we have in the western world. The program is presented by five Japanese comedians who pretty much destroy themselves to entertain the viewer. The most famous segment that has been widely viewed on You Tube is the chinko machine:

But the most brilliantly funny are the No Laughing games. Once a year the five go to a place for 24 hours where they are to be trained for a certain profession. Reporter, nurse, spy and policemen just to name a couple. When they are there they cannot laugh, if they do they are punished, mostly with a hard smack on their ass. A lot of Japanese celebrities star in these all to make the cast laugh. Here is an example:

If you want to see more, this fansite has a lot of links to subbed pieces of Gaki No Tsukai and other, similar Japanese shows:

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Portrayals: Sherlock Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle is the creator of the great detective Sherlock Holmes. This character has been portrayed by many different men and other creatures. He’s been in movies, television series and cartoons. Rightfully so, he is a brilliant figure and there are a lot of possibilities with the way he can be played and portrayed. The difference between the martial arts using Holmes played by Robert Downey Jr. is a long way off from the Holmes played by Peter Cushing in The Hound of the Baskervilles.

The first Holmes on the screen was played by an unknown man in the 1900’s movie Sherlock Holmes Baffled.

Kind of sad that Holmes his first movie adventure ended with him losing against a teleporting burglar.

A lot of actors played Holmes in the following years. Some only once but some played him in more than a couple, such as Georges Tréville who portrayed him 8 times. But even more impressive is Eille Norwood who played Holmes in 47 different films. Not full features off course. Most of them were around 30 minutes long, such as this one; The Dying Detective (1921).

Then Holmes made his appearance in the talkies. The first notable actor to portray Holmes with a voice was Basil Rathbone in The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939).

Whatever it is he’s looking for, he’ll probably find it.

He played Holmes in 14 more movies and 1 TV show.The way he was portrayed then is how most people, up until recently, perceived him. The Jacket matching the hat, a looking glass and a big pipe.

Sherlock Holmes (1951) was the first TV series revolving around the detective. He was played by Alan Wheatley in this Mini-Series. Holmes remained mostly the same.

Whatever it is he’s looking for… He’ll probably find it. Again.

In the next series Holmes was played by Ronald Howard. Again the character remained the same.

In 1959 Hammer Film Production took a swing at the magnifying glass wielding genius with two of their biggest talents; Peter Cushing played the detective and Christopher Lee was Sir Henry in The Hound of the Baskervilles. One of the biggest changes was that Holmes was in color!

You have failed me for the last time, Watson!

Three years later Christopher Lee played Holmes in the German movie Sherlock Holmes und das Halsband des Todes or Sherlock Holmes and the Deadly Necklace. Peter Cushing reprised his role in the television series carrying the name of the detective.

In 1970 one of the greatest directors of all time, Billy Wilder, wrote and directed the crime/comedy The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Christopher Lee again enters the frame and again he plays a different character; Sherlock’s brother Mycroft. This time it was Robert Stephens who donned the coat and pipe.

In the following years a number of notable actors portrayed Holmes, among them:

– John Cleese, Roger Moore, Christopher Plummer, Frank Langella, Peter O’Toole, Tommy Cooper, Michael Caine, Jeremy Irons, Charlton Heston, Alfred Molina and even Jimmy Fallon (in his own show).

Here is a fragment of The Strange Case of the End of Civilization as We Know It (1977) starring Cleese. It is a fragment mostly starring Arthur Lowe as Watson but Cleese is in there too.

Next to that impressive line of actors who portrayed Holmes, here are some TV-shows where the character made an appearance:

– Star Trek: The Next Generation, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, The Real Ghostbusters, Saturday Night Live, Animaniacs and the Muppets Tonight.

Here’s the Star Trek version:

Jep, That just happened.

Then, in 2009, Holmes was re-introduced to us by Guy Ritchie and Robert Downey Jr. in Sherlock Holmes. This Holmes was unlike any we had seen before. Besides the fact that he is more charismatic and muscular than previous Sherlock’s, the biggest difference is that he actually fights like a trained MMA fighter. This was an action blockbuster first and foremost, the crime and mystery took a backseat. Downey is joined by Jude Law, Rachel McAdams and Mark Strong to create a star-studded cast.

On TV Holmes was also on the move; Benedict Cumberbatch (Holmes) and Martin Freeman (Watson) portrayed the duo in modern London. Despite the modern twist the character is much closer to the Holmes of Arthur Conan Doyle than the Guy Ritchie Holmes is. The name of the series is Simply Sherlock.

The next project about the detective is very similar to Sherlock. Also in a modern setting only this time in New York, it’s stars are Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu (The first female Watson). The name of the series will be Elementary and debuts on September 27th on CBS. I hope people don’t compare Sherlock and Elementary too much and give Elementary a fair shot.

Here’s the Elementary trailer:

Side note: This actually has 1100 dislikes on YouTube! People really don’t look forward to this.

Well that’s it.There are a lot of films and series I didn’t mention because the post would have been way too long. And I made it without using the famous quote: It’s elementary, my dear Watson!

Well… I guess I didn’t.

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Fictional Battle: Dale Cooper VS Dexter Morgan VS Tony Soprano VS Walter White

The detective from Twin Peaks, The serial killer from Dexter, The mob boss from The Sopranos and The drug manufacturer from Breaking Bad. If these four men were tossed in the same town it wouldn’t take long before there would be animosity between them. If it came to that, i ask you and myself, who would be left standing?

In my mind the hunt would go something like this:

The best Fatal-Four Way ever

The murders would attract Cooper, the bodies that Tony leaves behind would attract Dexter and if Walter started distributing his meth on Tony’s turf? He would not be pleased.

Now let’s review their assets and give points accordingly. The one with most points at the end wins.


Three off these guys rely heavily on their smarts. But Tony isn’t a dummy neither. The smartest is probably Walter, but I could be wrong. Followed by Cooper then Dexter and finally Tony.

Walter White = 4

Dale Cooper = 3

Dexter Morgan = 2

Tony Soprano = 1


Who is the best fighter? Obviously Walter is out, he has cancer and is just a high school teacher. But the other three? Tony is a massive man who could beat just about anyone into a bloody pulp. Dexter knows the human body and knows where to hit to make you suffer. Cooper is an agent and has had the proper training. If Cooper and Dexter double teamed Tony they might stand a chance but alone? I think Tony is just too ruthless. As for Dexter and Cooper, Dexter has a better physique and their fighting prowess is probably matched so I’m giving it to Dex.

Tony Soprano = 4

Dexter Morgan = 3

Dale Cooper = 2

Walter White= 1

Man Power:

Dexter is a man alone, sure he works for the police but that’s his other life. This is about Dexter, serial killer. He is out. Walter has a couple of trusted companions in Jesse, Saul and a couple of others. Sadly that is not enough to compete against the mob or the FBI. Now here it gets tricky. Sure Cooper has the FBI but by the time they arrive Paulie Walnuts has shot Cooper in the face. If he has time however its goodbye Tony. I’m giving it to Tony because the mob hasn’t got to follow the law or procedures.

Tony Soprano = 4

Dale Cooper = 3

Walter White = 2

Dexter Morgan = 1

That’s it, I don’t now what else to judge… I’m probably forgetting something… Well let’s call these the “Pending Results”.

And the Winner is…

Tony Soprano

With nine points he barely edges out Cooper with eight. They are followed by Walter with seven and eventually Dexter with six.

Now this test is obviously not waterproof as anything could happen if this really came to existence. I wouldn’t know who to root for really. Who would you root for? And who would win?

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