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4 Games That Should Make The Transition To The Silver Screen

Games aren’t what they used to be. A good story matters now, just saving the princess from a castle doesn’t cut it anymore. Many games are so good that they should be made into a movie. Several are planned or rumored to be happening. Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Metal Gear Solid, Deus EX, Uncharted and Devil May Cry. All of these have a lot of potential. I just hope they don’t end up like Alone in the Dark (2005) or Double Dragon (1994).

Here are a couple of others that could make the transition:

Gears of War

Helmed by Ridley Scott, this could end up as one of the best sci-fi/action movies ever. The story of the game is that the earth-like planet Sera is invaded by aliens called The Locust. We follow the delta squad, lead by Marcus Phoenix, bad-ass extraordinaire. Marcus Phoenix bares a lot of resemblance to ex-WWE wrestler Batista.

Probably separated at birth

I don’t know if Batista can act, but if he could, they definitely should pick him for the role.

God of War

Replace Gears with God and you’ve got another great game with potential. Imagine Kratos destroy gods like he does in the game on the big screen. It would be gory and brutal, but most of all; fun!

Alan Wake

This one should be easy to make since this game already had a great storyline. The game with the best story that I have ever played. It’s about a writer with writer’s block so him and his wife go to this remote village in the hope that he will regain his inspiration. Quickly things go wrong and Wake ends up searching for his wife who has disappeared. The game itself is presented as a television series and each part is considered an episode. Still, I would prefer a single movie to a series.

It isn’t as peaceful at night…


Has Sci-fi/Action/Comedy movie written all over it. A barbaric world, savages and singing robots could result in Mad Max in outer space.


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